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5/15/23 by Amber Malone

A Soulful


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Is A sketch

A captivating blend of artistry and intuition.

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Experience Art That Speaks to Your Soul.

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Soulful hand-drawn intuitive portraits that push boundaries and capture the essence of the soul through artwork.

A tangible representation of your journey and a constant source of inspiration.

A validating portrait.

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A treasure that will provide inspiration, comfort, support, and encouragement.

A 20 page personalized

reflection guide is included to ensure your experience becomes a lasting memory.

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Art has the power to ignite transformation and bring profound meaning to our lives.

Captivating Artworks that Reflect the Depth of the Soul.




- Portrait Package: $1200

- Medium: Graphite and Charcoal

- Process Duration: 4-6 Weeks


- Captivating Portrait: A mesmerizing artwork that captures the essence and beauty within.

- Virtual Reveal Consultation: A personalized 60-minute session to explore the portrait's symbolism and meaning.

- Reflection Guide: A comprehensive 20-page guide with thought-provoking prompts for self-reflection.

- Artistic Process: The creation of your soulful portrait with meticulous attention to detail.

Soulful Essence Portrait Package




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To say my experience was amazing would be an understatement! Amber sketched a friend that she'd never seen before. I was shocked at how perfect the portrait was, I reached out and reconnected with that friend and now I know why we were brought together. We discovered both of our moms are suffering from Dementia and to be able to support each other through this challenging time was something I couldn't have found otherwise.

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How do I start my soulful portrait journey now?

Frequently asked Questions

How long does the portrait process take?

The creation of your soulful portrait typically takes 4-6 weeks. This time frame allows for the meticulous artistic process that captures the essence of your unique journey. The result is a captivating artwork that resonates with your soul.


A journey of self-reflection and discovery.

Frequently asked Questions

Will it be someone who has crossed over? My soul mate? A spirit guide?

Each portrait is a unique exploration of inner beauty and emotions, crafted intuitively with passion and skill. While you may find a familiar essence in your portrait, the true enchantment lies in the artistry and the profound connection it creates.

Your portrait goes beyond the physical, resonating deeply with the essence of who you are. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and unlock the. hidden treasures of your soul.

In some cases, the spirit portrait may lead to surprising discoveries or connections, it may spark conversations or reveal hidden threads of connection with the depicted soul or with others who share similar energy. These newfound connections can bring profound healing, closure or a sense of belonging.


my fellow soul explorers

Frequently asked Questions

Can I see examples of your past works?

While I understand the desire to see examples, please note that each soulful portrait is a deeply personal and confidential piece.

The true beauty lies in the unexpected symbolism and meaning that unfolds as you explore your own reflection within the artwork. Trust the artistic process and know that your portrait will be a unique expression of your inner self.


valuing your privacy

Frequently asked Questions

Why should I invest in a soulful portrait? What makes it different from traditional portraits?

A soulful portrait is a unique and transformative form of artistic expression. It goes beyond capturing physical likeness and dives deep into the emotions, experiences, and essence that make you who you are.

The artwork becomes a powerful tool for self-reflection, personal growth, and healing. It is an opportunity to connect with your inner self and embrace the beauty of your authentic being.


Challenging conventional norms.

Frequently asked Questions

What if I don't resonate with the portrait or it doesn't reflect my true essence?

My intuitive approach is rooted in deep listening, empathy, and a genuine desire to understand you on a profound level.

Through our consultations, I take the time to explore your experiences, emotions, and aspirations, allowing me to tap into the energy and essence that make you unique.

Rest assured, my intention is to create a portrait that goes beyond the physical, resonating deeply with who you are on a soul level.

While the process is intuitive and deeply personal, if, for any reason, you don't resonate with the final portrait, please reach out to me. I value your satisfaction and will work with you to ensure that the artwork aligns with your expectations.


a deeper understanding of yourself

Frequently asked Questions

Can I provide input or discuss the portrait during the process?

The creation of a soulful portrait is a deeply intuitive and artistic process and I understand the desire for personal connection. While I don't incorporate specific input or visions into the artwork, I encourage you to trust the process and allow the symbolism and meaning to unfold naturally. Embrace the surprise and beauty that emerges as you explore the reflection within the portrait.


A cherished symbol of connection

Frequently asked Questions

I'm not familiar with the concept of integrating intuition into art.

How does this enhance the artwork's value?

Integrating intuition into art allows me to create pieces that have a profound impact on the viewer. By bridging the realms of art and intuition, I tap into a deeper understanding of your emotions, experiences, and aspirations. This unique approach infuses the artwork with energy, symbolism, and layers of meaning that evoke emotions and trigger personal growth. It goes beyond traditional portraiture, creating a transformative and soul-stirring experience.


Bridging the physical and non-physical worlds.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I know if this transformative art experience is right for me?

Choosing a transformative art experience is a deeply personal decision. If you resonate with the idea of exploring your inner world, embracing your uniqueness, and unlocking hidden treasures within your soul, this experience may be perfect for you.

If you are open to embracing the unseen, trusting your intuition, and embarking on a journey of self-expression, my transformative art experience may provide the inspiration and empowerment you seek.


Tapping into your unconventional brilliance


I'm Amber


Intuitive Energy Artist | Psychic Medium

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You might be wondering, "why should I trust this lovely lady with my precious soul?" Well, my friend, I believe in pushing boundaries, developing intuition, and embracing the unseen world around us.

I'm here to bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical. I want my portraits to serve as mirrors, reflecting back the beauty and uniqueness that resides within each individual. Art has the power to spark conversations, ignite change, and transform lives.

Each portrait I create is a labor of love, an intimate piece of art that holds the power to transform, inspire, and bring joy. It's my honor to capture your soulful essence and create a timeless piece that resonates with your heart.

-I AM also a terrible dancer.

-A mental health advocate.

-I'm a comedian and I love stand-up comedy and collecting Funko Pops.

Oh, and I'm a grumpy cat when sleepy or hungry.

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